MODERN CABIN, New Designs For An American Icon
By Michelle Kodis
Gibbs Smith, Publishers, 2007

The cabin's open layout reveals an open spaciousness that belies the cabin's 1,050 square foot plan.  The architect avoided full walls opting instead for one low wall that separates the sleeping area from the living/dining room.  An electrical skylight performs double duty by increasing ambient light and venting hot air through the roof in the summer.  The cabin's dramatic roof structure is mimicked inside with a ceiling clad in tongue-and-groove pine.  The twin vertical elements– the center post and exposed flue– refer to the many trees on the site.  Photo by Matthew Ackerman

               The architect chose Western red cedar for the cabin exterior because of its durability and stained it to prevent it from greying under exposure to the elements.  The deck is pine.  Photo by Matthew Ackerman

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